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Search for crime scene as gun victim found bleeding on street outside his home


A garda at the Crumlin home of shooting victim Jonathan Kenny

A garda at the Crumlin home of shooting victim Jonathan Kenny

A garda at the Crumlin home of shooting victim Jonathan Kenny

Gardai believe a man found bleeding from a bullet wound outside his family home in Crumlin was shot somewhere else in the city and fled from his attackers in a car.

Jonathan Kenny, who is in his 30s, was taken to hospital after being found on the pavement outside his home on Monasterboice Road, Crumlin, at 4am yesterday.

He had a bullet wound in his right side.

When the emergency services and gardai arrived, he was being tended to on the street by family members.

A car, thought to have been used to get Kenny away from the scene of the shooting, was found outside the house with what appeared to be a bullet hole in the passenger door.


It is not clear if the vehicle is owned by Kenny or was driven by him or another person.

Nobody in the area reported hearing a gunshot, and gardai are investigating if Kenny was shot elsewhere in the city after getting into a row.

They are trying to establish his movements before he was found on the street.

"It seems there's a second scene to this crime, and gardai are tracking that down to establish if Kenny was targeted because of a row that escalated into violence or if there is a wider back story that would indicate there was something bubbling up from the past," said a source.

Kenny's family declined to comment when approached by the Herald. Kenny is being treated in St James's Hospital.

"He'll be okay. We don't want to say anything more," said a young woman at the house yesterday.

The shooting is not the first time a member of the Kenny family has been targeted in a gun attack.

A previous incident had a lethal outcome when Kenny's brother, Ian, was shot in a car in Stillorgan by his friend Jonathan Dunne in 2007.

He was in a vegetative state and died two years later.

When Dunne was a teenager he lost cannabis worth €50,000 that gardai believe belonged to 'Fat' Freddie Thompson's gang.

He was not asked to pay back the cash, but he was told he owed the gang a favour.

In July 2007, the gang called in that favour and Dunne was ordered to kill his childhood friend, Kenny.

Sources said the reason for this was that Kenny had been involved in a long-running feud with associates of a criminal who was closely linked to Thompson's gang.

Locals had just begun getting used to relative peace and quiet following a spate of attacks in previous years.

However, they woke to another crime scene yesterday morning.

The Kenny family has been the target of attacks with guns and grenades before.

Jonathan Kenny's brother Ian was the focus of attention from gangs. In one such incident a garda was shot and wounded outside the house.

As the feud between Ian Kenny and associates of a gang aligned to Thompson threatened to spiral out of control in 2006, the house was shot at one night that September.

When two gardai were posted at the property to preserve the scene, a car drew up to target it a second time.

Newly-promoted sergeant Mark Clarke was one of those officers.

As the car pulled up, he walked into the roadway to confront the occupants.

He was shot in the left side of his chest and in the wrist.

The car then sped away, followed by three gardai in a patrol vehicle. The car crashed into another near the Mourne Road and Benbulben Road junction in Drimnagh.

Sgt Clarke was hospitalised but survived.

A motive for yesterday's gun attack on Jonathan Kenny is not yet clear.

He is known to gardai for violent behaviour and public order and motoring offences.

In 2005 he received a three-year sentence with one suspended for criminal damage, while in 2008 he was sentenced to four years for the unauthorised use of a car and dangerous driving.

He was also banned from driving for life.


In July 2009 he was sentenced to five years with three suspended on a burglary charge.

In 2012 he was given 12 months for violent disorder in prison in which groups of inmates armed with sticks and makeshift weapons attacked each other.

The court heard that a group of 15 to 20 prisoners jumped over a metal mesh gate to get from one part of a landing on to another.

Three prison officers and one inmate were injured during the violence.

The Kenny family home is now like a fortress, with three CCTV cameras mounted on the front of the house and one on the roof.