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Sean returns from world travels on a €700 motorbike


EVERYONE has days when they wish they could pack it all in and hit the open road - but Wexford man Sean Dillon did just that, travelling the globe on a €700 Honda C90 motorbike.

The 37-year-old adventurer travelled through 26 countries on the second-hand bike clocking up more than 60,000km.

"It's been an amazing experience," the Kilmore native said.

Sean was working as an engineer three years ago before he decided to travel the world on the vintage motorcycle.

"Everyone told me it was stupid and crazy," he said. The highlight of the trip for the Irishman was witnessing the hospitality in Northern Africa.

People invited him to their homes and feasts, open up their workshops to fix up his bike and saw it as their duty to get him to his next stop safely.

The trip saw him ride from the Arctic in Alaska to Antarctica and he then returned back through Europe via Africa.

Border There were several colourful moments on the trip including a hairy cross-border moment.

"At the Bolivian border the guards were trying to tell me I needed special insurance pointing to a made up sign," he recalled. "I just sat on the floor of the office."

The tactic worked because he was able to pass through without bribing the guards.

He is currently writing a book about his travels which is tentatively titled Honda Vs The World.

"I'm hoping I can turn it around and undertake another journey," he noted.

Though the Honda is still roadworthy, it might not get to go on the next trip as Mr Dillon is considering learning how to sail.