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Sean dances his way into All-Ireland final

DUBLIN may yet have a representative in the All-Ireland Talent Show final as a young ballet dancer defied all the odds to capture a wildcard place.

Contemporary ballet dancer Sean Taffe (18) won a wildcard spot on the hit show after judge John Creedon decided to rescue the Clondalkin star.

Sean has had to overcome name calling and an initial lack of support from his father to fulfill has dream of stardom. He is being mentored by Boyzone star Shane Lynch.

In a nailbiting finale, Sean just made it through as John Creedon and Dana chose him over the West's Laura May.

Creedon made his decision because he believed that Sean has more to deliver.

"Only because I feel that there is a tiny bit more in the tank. For the next round, I'm giving it to Sean," the judge said.

Before Creedon's decision to save Sean, none of the acts under Dublin mentor Shane Lynch had secured a spot in the final or wildcard shows. Sean may represent the capital's best remaining chance with just one more heat left next week.

Dana's 12-year-old singer Chloe Coyle had earlier booked an automatic place in the finals with her moving version of She Moved Through The Fair.

Dancer Sean missed out on a place in the live heats during last year's auditions after he revealed that his father had not seen him dance in nine years.

"Dad hasn't seen me dance in nine years. He doesn't mind me doing it but he's not supportive," the brave dancer said.

After seeing his son perform at last year's auditions, Sean's father has changed his attitude completely prompting Sean to perform poignantly to Luther Vandross's classic Dance with my Father.

"Since then [seeing Sean on TV] he has been phoning me wondering how my shows are going and telling me how proud he is of me," Sean said. "It's changed me as a person and my whole dance career."

Sean knew he would be a dancer when he would go to football games but was more interested in the music coming from a nearby hall than the action on the pitch.

"When I was a young lad, I used to dance on the sidelines and not pay attention to the football," he joked.

"It was then that I realised that it was dancing was what I wanted to do."