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Scissors Sister pals sues State over jail claim

THE DRUG courier infamously pictured with a knife being held to his throat by one of the Scissor Sisters is now suing the State.

Denis Gibney was the laughing “victim” of Charlotte Mulhall in the posed picture in the Dochas Women’s centre.

The notorious photograph was revealed exclusively in the Herald in August 2008 and led to two major State investigations. Now 42-year-old “knife victim” Gibney wants the taxpayer to compensate him for a jabbing incident which allegedly happened while he was being held at Mountjoy.

Prison sources have confirmed he is taking action against the Irish Prison Service and related parties arising out of an incident in 2007 when he suffered a needle stick – or syringe injury.

His condition had to be monitored for a considerable time amid fears that he may have contracted the HIV/Aids virus.

The case is with the State Claims Agency, which is linked to the National Treasury Management Agency and carries out claims and risk management functions on behalf of State bodies.

It is unclear how long it will take to process the claim. Gibney has since been freed.

Gibney, of Clogher Road in Crumlin, was jailed in 2005 for possession of ecstasy tablets with intent to supply.

He was released early before the dramatic picture, alongside convicted murderer Charlotte Mulhall, was published.

Charlotte Mulhall and Denis Gibney were on kitchen duties together, an allowed form of ‘mixing' for men and women.

The practice of allowing select male prisoners, termed ‘trustees’, to work with the women inmates, was halted for review following the incident. Gibney had been a ‘trustee’ prisoner with access to the Dochas women’s prison where the photo was taken.

Gibney was himself targeted by the investigating gardai from the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation. A series of other raids were then carried out and lifer Charlotte was sent as punishment to the tougher Limerick Prison to serve part of her sentence.

Gibney had been jailed for seven years by Dublin Circuit Criminal Court after he was found with more than 9,000 ecstasy tablets, valued at €135,000.

The final two years were suspended, so with 25pc remission, his full jail term was three years and nine months.

He pleaded guilty to possession of the tablets in his car for sale or supply on Con Colbert Road, Ballyfermot, on April 10, 2003. He claimed he was moving them for another person.

Judge Desmond Hogan heard that Gibney became involved in the offence as he was in debt due to a cocaine and gambling addiction. He had one previous conviction – for possession of cocaine – but had now dealt with his addictions.

The judge said he was satisfied that Gibney was “on the lower rung of the ladder and merely acting as a courier”.

Scissor Sisters Charlotte and Linda Mulhall and their mother Kathleen were all implicated in the killing of Kenyan Farah Swaleh Noor.

He was stabbed to death and most of his body parts were dumped in the Royal Canal. His head and penis were never found after he was killed in a flat in Ballybough in March 2005.

Mother-of-four Linda was jailed for 15 years for Mr Noor's manslaughter while her mother (54) was given five years for attempting to conceal his death.