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Scissor Sisters mum begs help from Travellers

The Herald has obtained a plea which a close relative of Mulhall posted on a website used by north Dublin Travellers on Kathleen's behalf in which she begs for support and help.

The internet post reads: "You may know me my name is Kathleen Mulhall, I was Ward before I got married, from the Travelling community, I will be getting out soon and I want to go back to my people, and family and I need your prayers for them to forgive me."

Kathleen's surname before she was married was Ward and she grew up as a member of a settled Traveller family at Macroom Road, Coolock.

Sources say that as a small child, and before the family moved to settled accommodation in Coolock, Kathleen was brought up in a caravan in the Finglas area.

Other members of Kathleen's immediate family live in halting sites in Waterford and Blanchardstown as well as in the UK.

Local sources say that as soon as she got married to Tallaght man John Mulhall, in the early 1970s, Kathleen turned her back on her Traveller roots and "disowned" her relatives in the Traveller community.

"But now that she has spent years in jail for that terrible crime, she is trying to get back in with the Traveller community after ignoring them for 30 years.

"Kathleen is only doing this because she knows that she has no-one else to turn to," a source said.

Mulhall was taken out of prison to look at potential homes a fortnight ago.

The house-hunting trip was arranged in co-operation with an organisation that helps prisoners at risks of homelessness on their release.


Kathleen Mulhall spent a number of years on the run after her daughters Charlotte (27) and Linda (34) were arrested, and convicted, respectively, of Mr Noor's murder and manslaughter after one of the most gruesome murder trials in Irish history.

She was finally tracked down in London by gardai in February 2008 and agreed to come back to Ireland to face the charges. She has been in custody ever since.