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Scissor Sister 'given no chance to dispute' prison liaisons claim


Charlotte Mulhall denies she had ‘inappropriate’ liaisons while in Mountjoy jail

Charlotte Mulhall denies she had ‘inappropriate’ liaisons while in Mountjoy jail

Charlotte Mulhall denies she had ‘inappropriate’ liaisons while in Mountjoy jail

Convicted murderer Charlotte Mulhall, one of the so-called 'Scissor Sisters', has denied having "liaisons" while behind bars, including one alleged to have been with a female prison officer.

In a High Court filing, Mulhall (37) disputed claims she had been "found in a very compromising position" with the prison officer on December 23, 2018.

She was transferred from Mountjoy Prison's Dóchas Centre in Dublin to Limerick Prison the following day.

The mother-of-one made the denials in judicial review proceedings against the Irish Prison Service and the State where she is seeking damages and an injunction directing her return to the Dóchas Centre.


In an affidavit she admitted she had been seen by a prison officer "sitting on" another prison officer, but said this was for the purposes of "performing a beauty treatment".

Mulhall said the transfer had resulted in her being deprived of visits from her mother and her son and had "inflicted great injury" to her "emotional well-being".

"It has caused untold stress and upset to me, my son and my family," she said.

Her counsel, Conor Power SC, told the court no proper or timely reasons had been given to her for the transfer.

Mr Power, who appears in the case with Cian Kelly BL and Tracy Horan & Co Solicitors, said Mulhall had been given no hearing in respect of the allegations.

The transfer was in effect the unlawful imposition of a punishment, in breach of fair procedures and constitutional justice, he said.

The court was told during an ex parte, or one side only, leave application that Mulhall was not afforded the opportunity to challenge the allegations, which she entirely disputes.

Mulhall is serving a life sentence for the gruesome murder of her mother Kathleen's boyfriend Farah Swaleh Noor in Ballybough, Dublin, in 2005.

Her sister Linda (45) was sentenced to 15 years for manslaughter and has since been released.

In an affidavit, Mulhall said her transfer to Limerick came "without any notice or warning to me or my family".

She said a draft Prison Review Committee report from December 2019 said she had been transferred "for operational reasons" on foot of "a number of inappropriate associations with other prisoners and staff".

Mulhall disputed this and said she only became aware of this reason for her transfer recently when the report was released under freedom of information rules.

In her affidavit, Mulhall outlined the contents of an "incident summary" which had also been released to her.

This stated: "This prisoner has been involved in a number of liaisons while in Dóchas, all of which have received significant media coverage, including adverse publicity.


"She should be transferred to Limerick females as soon as possible, preferably immediately, until further notice."

Mulhall said she disputed the contents of the document.

A separate Irish Prison Service document said she had been transferred for "her own safety and well-being".

Mulhall said a number of differing grounds for the transfer had been put forward.

"I dispute these and if I had been afforded the opportunity at the outset I would have told the governor exactly what happened and this situation could easily have been avoided."

Mr Justice Charles Meenan adjourned the case to next month.