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Scissor Sister Charlotte may have been in jail relationship for a year


Murderer Charlotte Mulhall

Murderer Charlotte Mulhall

Murderer Charlotte Mulhall

The prison worker at the centre of the Charlotte Mulhall jail sex probe has been moved by management.

His transfer comes as the Herald can reveal that jail bosses are investigating whether Mulhall may have been in a relationship with the worker for up to a year.

He no longer works in the Dochas Centre, and officials are now deciding how to deal with the matter.

The man has not yet been suspended from duty but is understood not to have shown up for work since the controversy erupted earlier this week.

The Herald revealed earlier this week that 'Scissor Sister' Mulhall is under investigation after a prison member of staff was found hiding in the en-suite bathroom of her cell.

The Irish Prison Service launched an investigation into suspicions that the 33-year-old had become involved in an "inappropriate sexual relationship" with the staff member after he was found in the bathroom of her accommodation last Sunday.

It has since emerged that the man was captured on CCTV entering Mulhall's accommodation.

The footage is being examined as part of a major disciplinary probe into the employee.


It is understood that the man was in the room for a number of minutes before prison staff entered.

It also emerged that a female prison officer was in the room for 10 minutes with Mulhall before the man was discovered "concealed" in the bathroom.

Mulhall is co-operating with the investigation and has not been disciplined or moved out of the Dochas Centre.

The matter is not the subject of a garda investigation.

Mulhall and her older sister Linda were dubbed the Scissor Sisters after their involvement in one of the most gruesome killings in the history of the State.

In October 2006, Charlotte Mulhall was handed a mandatory life sentence for murder, while her sister Linda received a sentence of 15 years for her part in the death of Farah Swaleh Noor.

The women's mother, Kathleen, was given a five-year sentence for cleaning up the grisly murder scene.

She served her sentence in the Dochas Centre with her daughters and is now living in Britain.

While Linda Mulhall is due to be released some time in January, Charlotte could face many more years behind bars.