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Schoolmates' guard of honour as slain Michaela laid to rest

SCHOOL friends of murdered Michaela Davis formed a guard of honour at her funeral today.

The 12 year old was taken directly from her home in Porterstown to the nearby St Mochta's Church, where she made her Confirmation just months earlier.

Overnight more than 10,000 internet tributes were paid to the young girl who was raped and strangled in the early hours of last Saturday morning, her body then dumped along the banks of the Royal Canal.

Today her parents brought their daughter's remains on her final journey from the family home in The Village, Porterstown. Michaela had been waked at home.

Yesterday her small white coffin was returned to her parents escorted by gardai for a prayer service at the house.


Throughout the day and night a steady stream of neighbours and friends called to pay their respects to Brendan and Deirdre Davis and Michaela's 16-year-old brother, also called Brendan.

As Michaela's family try to come to terms with her death her young friends have been pouring out their grief on the internet with a series of videos and tributes.

The messages for Michaela and her family come from her schoolfriends but also from complete strangers touched by her tragic death.

Two of the videos show photographs of the 12 year old interspersed with photographs of the place where her body was found, gardai preserving the site and detectives and the State Pathologist Marie Cassidy arriving at the scene.

The photographs are displayed as Sarah McLachlan's Angel is played in the background.

The tributes tell how "everyone in the school misses you very much. We will never forget you. Rest in Peace and sleep tight in heaven."

Some are more personal from closer friends.

" I can't believe you are gone, you never deserved this" and "We spent seven years in school together, not now, you're gone. Those little conversations we had mean a lot to me".

"You were only a little one, your whole life ahead of you. Your family are in our thoughts and prayers."

Others describe how "A part of all of us has died along with Michaela but one person dies our hearts open a new memorial chamber for that person who died so no one is ever truly gone forever".

"She's not really gone, she's in two places and that's in heaven and in your heart -- a chamber of souls that we remember."

Some of the messages clearly come from adults who never knew Michaela "I've got a young daughter and this is hard to watch RIP.

" I cant even begin to understand the loss and emptiness felt by your family, I got two girls of my own, same age. We all feel for your family."

Yet another says "My heart goes out to your family and friends, the emptiness, numbness, sadness, loss, utter devastation, sheer heartbreak and heartache is indescribable.


"The whole community is thinking of all of you at this very sad time."

The anger felt by the young schoolgirl's death is also expressed with people threatening her killer with the electric chair, wishing he would rot in hell.

"She's so pretty I wish I was there and beat that guy and if he strangled me I wud knee him in the back and poke him in the eye and drive her home."