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Schoolgirl awarded €22k for chair injury


Schoolgirl awarded €22k for chair injury

Schoolgirl awarded €22k for chair injury

Schoolgirl awarded €22k for chair injury

a schoolgirl, who received head and arm injuries when a chair was swung at her by another pupil in a classroom, has been awarded €22,500 damages in the Circuit Civil Court.

Barrister Tony McKeown told the court that Chloe Joyce, aged 11 at the time, was in a classroom at Rutland National School, Lower Gloucestor Place, when the accident happened in May 2012.

Mr McKeown yesterday said some pupils had been noisy as they were ready to go on a break and one of them had swung a chair which hit Chloe on the arm.

She had later been taken to Temple Street Children's Hospital for X-rays and discharged.

Fracture Further X-rays showed a non-displaced fracture of her elbow and a back slab had been applied to it.

Counsel said Chloe had been shocked by the accident and had experienced discomfort when doing dance routines. She had now recovered.

Through her mother Geraldine Joyce, of O'Brien Hall, Lower Gardiner Street, she sued the Trustees and Board of Management of Rutland Street National School, alleging negligence and breach of duty.

Judge Carmel Stewart approved a settlement offer of €22,500 which had been made by the school board.