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Schoolboy (16) had lung punctured in stabbing

A 16-YEAR-old boy who was stabbed on his way home from school suffered a punctured lung in the attack.

GARY Leonard (16) was walking with school pals on St Laurence Street in the centre of Drogheda last Wednesday afternoon when he was attacked.

Today his mother Michelle told the 'Herald' that Gary is still in hospital recovering from the ordeal.

"He has been kept in because doctors are waiting for one of his lungs to re-inflate, and he still has a drain in his chest," she said.

"The doctors said he was lucky it missed his kidney and liver or it could have been very serious," Michelle added.


Gary clutched his side where he had been stabbed, and moved down the street with his friends to get help.

"I heard that one of the lads saw an ambulance on the road and went to it, attracting the crew's attention by knocking on the window," Michelle said at her Laurence's Park home.

"Gary was taken to hospital then and the I got a call from A&E in Our Lady of Lourdes saying that my son had been involved in an incident and I should get there quickly.

"I got such a shock, but I didn't realise he had been stabbed until I got there," she said.

"He is still on painkillers but the doctors are pleased with his progress, but when his lung has inflated they will still have to keep him in for 24 hours for observation.

"We are hoping he will be home by midweek and back to school soon enough," she added.

"Gary is such a good lad, he was the one telling me to calm down and stop crying.

"He has been so good and let the doctors do whatever they had to without complaint," said Michelle.

Gary is the eldest of three children, and a student at the local St Joseph's Secondary School, where he is a keen basketball player.