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School in 'stranger' warning to parents

A PRIMARY school in Carlow sent a mass email to parents warning them of a "male stranger" seen in the area as children were going home.

Parents with children in Carlow NS on Green Road in Carlow Town were sent the chilling message after school authorities became concerned.

The man had been appearing outside the school repeatedly prompting the warning.

The text read: "Parents please beware a male stranger has been seen outside the school at dismissal time recently. Gardai have been contacted," and was signed off by school principal Rebecca Wilson.

Concerned parents are believed to have been taking extra precautions since the text message was sent out.

A concerned parent said the school has very good procedures in place at the end of the school day.

"It's fairly serious... he must have been around a few times for the school to feel the need to send out the text," the parent said.