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Schmidt talks about how son (10) deals with epilepsy

Ireland rugby coach Joe Schmidt has opened up about the dangers of epilepsy after years of watching his young son suffering from "debilitating" seizures.

Ten-year-old Luke was diagnosed with a severe case of the condition at the age of four and has undergone numerous brain surgeries since then.


Schmidt, who was appointed head coach of the national team last year, said that the condition limits some of the things his son can do.

This week, Luke was hit by fifteen seizures in the space of one day.

"It's debilitating for him," the former Leinster coach told the Herald.

"He's had it since he was four and it's something that he's learned to cope with."

There are 40,000 people in Ireland who suffer from epilepsy, a condition which is mostly common in young children or older people.

Epilepsy Ireland are promoting their new TEAM motto for tackling epilepsy and Schmidt said it is very important for people to be aware of what to do if someone has a seizure.

More information is available on epilepsy.ie ahead of European Epilepsy Day on February 10.