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Schizophrenic man is jailed

A SCHIZOPHRENIC man who was caught trespassing in an industrial estate has been jailed for two months.

GARY Herbert (30) committed offences when he stopped taking his medication and started taking street drugs.

Herbert, of Morning Star Avenue, Dublin 7, admitted before Tallaght District Court to criminal trespass.

The incident took place at Coolaer, Cookstown Industrial Estate, Tallaght shortly before 6pm on June 26, 2012.

Garda Sergeant Carmel Henry said gardai responded to a call that a man was acting suspiciously and looking into vehicle windows.

Gardai found Herbert and directed him to move on.

Sgt Henry said that 15 minutes later, gardai received a call that a man was trespassing at Coolaer. Herbert was arrested and taken to the garda station.

Judge Anthony Halpin sentenced Herbert to two months in prison.

Lou's medical records bid

POLITICIANS in the US are looking to force the release of Lou Gehrig's medical records, saying they might provide insight into whether the New York Yankees baseball star died of the disease that now bears his name or from repetitive head trauma.

Their effort comes despite opposition from Mayo Clinic, which holds the records, and scepticism from experts that the records would prove anything.

Representative Phyllis Kahn, a self-described baseball fanatic, concedes the records "probably won't show anything" but says they are worth a look.