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Schitt's Creek star tells of 'incredible' trip over here, but is 'not as Irish as he thinks'


Noah Reid

Noah Reid

Noah Reid

Schitt's Creek actor Noah Reid has opened up about his "incredible" journey to Ireland which saw him enjoying a private music session in Dublin with Glen Hansard.

The Canadian star (31), who played Patrick in the Netflix comedy series, said he has Irish heritage on his father's side and said he has paid two visits here.

"I went to Ireland in my early 20s. I was there for about two weeks. I did go to the pub quite a bit," he said.


"What an incredible time it was. What an incredible country and certainly has such a rich musical history. I felt a connection to the traditional music in all the pubs in Dublin that we stopped into," he said.

"On my second trip I was lucky enough, through a friend, to catch Oscar-winner Glen Hansard playing at Strawberry Beds in this tiny little pub.

"He was just rocking out and playing Astral Weeks and working his way through some Van Morrison so I've had some incredible musical experiences in Ireland and it's certainly a place that I'm really looking forward to going again."

Reid said he has explored his heritage "a little bit" and is certain he has some Irish ancestry somewhere down the line.

"I definitely felt a connection to the country when I was there. I think on my dad's side, like a lot of Canadians, there was a sign of Irish in me somewhere way back, like a few generations back," he said.

"But if you're not careful and you go to Ireland and start talking about your Irish heritage nobody wants to really talk to you too much about it.

"They're like, 'You're probably not really as Irish as you think you are!'"

Fans of the show will know that as well as playing the boyfriend of leading actor and series co-writer Daniel Levy, Reid is also a talented musician.

The actor is currently pursuing his career as a musician, having released his new single Gemini taken from his second album Honesty.

Reid was due to perform in Ireland as part of his tour before the pandemic shut down live events but he has pledged to try to make it back over here to perform in 2021.

The Toronto-based star, who married long-term partner Clare Stone in July, said that he's seriously missing live events during the pandemic.

"I've certainly missed going to concerts and going to plays and movies; all of those communal experiences that we took for granted.

"I'm looking forward to getting back to that in some sense," said Reid.