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Scatter ashes of air victim Bree in Ireland begs sister

THE FINAL wish of Libyan air disaster victim Bree O'Mara would have been to have her ashes scattered in Ireland, her family has said.

Ms O'Mara's devastated sister told the Herald that they know in their "heart and soul" that the popular author would have wanted her memorial service to be held here.

Aideen O'Mara -- based in South Africa -- is still waiting to make the heartbreaking journey to the Libyan capital Tripoli, where she will identify her sister's remains.

But she says she has to believe that "God was saving Bree from a worse tragedy".

Despite being born in Durban, the 42-year-old writer travelled using the Irish passport she was entitled to because of her parents' heritage.

She was flying to London last week to sign a book deal with publishers Penguin when an Afriqiyah Airways jet carrying 104 people crashed as it approached the airport.

A nine-year-old Dutch boy was the only survivor.

Ms O'Mara spent her life in South Africa after her parents eloped there to get married.

Aideen told the Herald: "I hope some of her ashes will be spread in Skerries with Dad and some in Neagh with our mother."

She added: "I know it in my heart and soul that even if she didn't put it on paper, that is what she would have wanted."

Speaking about Bree's husband, Chris, she said: "He's so devastated."

Aideen hopes he will now allow Bree's ashes to be spread between the places she loved most in Ireland and South Africa.