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Scarlett sees red as novel uses her name

ACTRESS Scarlett Johansson is suing the publishers of a French book that uses her name and explores the "challenge of being beautiful".

French publishing house JC Lattes says the actress filed the lawsuit last week about Gregoire Delacourt's book The First Thing We Look At.

A spokesperson for the publishing house said its legal team is preparing to respond to the court, which will then decide whether to take up the case.

JC Lattes said the book is entirely fictional.

The storyline is about a character who happens to look like Avengers' star Johansson, but is not Johansson herself.

The character is involved in a romance with another character, who happens to look like actor Ryan Gosling.


The actress's French lawyer, Vincent Toledano, said she is protesting against the use of her name and image for 'mercantile' purposes, and says the book invades her privacy.

"The freedom of speech she defends as an artist is not being challenged in the lawsuit.

"However the right of free speech has nothing to do with this purely mercantile conduct," the lawyer said.

The publisher says the lawsuit "is contrary" to the book's idea. The author "only says good things about" Johansson, Allibert said.