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Scarlett 'nude pics' suspect now probed over stalking girl online since she was 13

A man accused of hacking into the email accounts of singer Christina Aguilera and actress Scarlett Johansson may have stalked a woman for the past 12 years, according to a search warrant.

A hard drive belonging to Christopher Chaney (35) showed that the drive was used to conduct internet searches as recently as last November for a Connecticut woman who had complained to police that Chaney had been chatting with her online since she was 13.

The woman said in a report that Chaney caused her "serious emotional distress" by stealing several of her online accounts and sending her friends and family "private, copyrighted embarrassing images and video", according to the warrant. She also claimed Chaney posted her photos on porn-related forums.

Chaney has been charged in California with 26 offences, including unauthorised computer access and wiretapping, and faces up to 121 years in prison if convicted. He will appear in a Los Angeles court on Tuesday.


Prosecutors said Chaney hacked email accounts belonging to Aguilera, Johansson and actress Mila Kunis. Some nude photos taken by Johansson herself were posted on the internet.

The warrant also said Chaney admitted during a February interview with FBI agents to getting unauthorised access to celebrity email accounts. Chaney said he managed to hack Johannson's email account to send one of her acquaintances an email containing a nude photo of her in exchange for a photo, authorities said.

He also used stylist Simone Harouche's email account to send a message to Aguilera asking for photos, according to the search warrant.

Authorities said Chaney's hard drive contained numerous private celebrity photos as well as a document that compiled their extensive personal data.

The warrant contends there is probable cause that Chaney violated federal stalking and unauthorised access to a computer charges.