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'Scared' cab driver had baton in his car

A TAXI company worker found with an extendable baton in his car said he feared for his safety and that the weapon was for his own protection.

Padraic King (25) said the area in Clondalkin where he was stopped by gardai is well known for its "drug activities", and he was anxious to protect himself, Blanchardstown District Court heard.

A judge accepted King's explanation but said he could not go around with dangerous weapons.

King, of Colepark Avenue, Ballyfermot, admitted possessing the weapon. The incident took place at Station Road, Clondalkin, on January 18.

Garda Sgt Damien Galligan said gardai were on beat patrol on Station Road when they stopped King's 1995-registered vehicle.


They searched the car and found an a baton in the driver's door. Sgt Galligan said King told officers he had the baton for his own protection.

Matthew Kenny, defending, said extendable batons, similar to the one his client had, can be bought in any army supplies shop.

King works as a base controller for a taxi company, and Mr Kenny said King had safety concerns about the area in Clondalkin where he was stopped, as this area is well-known for drugs activities. He also said King explained his concerns to gardai after he was stopped.

The solicitor said King, who is a father, is not a violent man, and was not looking to cause any trouble. He was fined €100.