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Scare as worker pricked by syringe after he disturbed man rifling through staff belongings


File photo of Heuston Station, Dublin (Mark Condren)

File photo of Heuston Station, Dublin (Mark Condren)

File photo of Heuston Station, Dublin (Mark Condren)

A worker at Heuston Station has been attacked by a man with a syringe after disturbing him rifling through staff belongings.

The incident happened at around 11pm last night when a worker spotted that an area designated for staff only was broken into.

The alarm was raised and the man, who was seen going through bags belonging to station workers, was confronted.

As he fled, an Irish Rail worker was pricked with a needle from a syringe.

A man in his 40s was arrested under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act and brought to Kilmainham Garda Station where he can be held for 24 hours before being charged or released.


The victim was brought to St James's Hospital and later released after treatment.

Although his physical injuries were not serious it is understood he underwent treatment in case the needle he was pricked with contained any biological hazard.

Irish Rail confirmed the incident had occurred but could not confirm if the victim was an employee of the company or a contractor for the railway.

It was not known how many of the staff's belongings were interfered with in the pilfering incident or whether cash or valuables such as phones were taken by the suspect.

Gardai are continuing to investigate the incident today and hope to interview the victim in the near future.