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Savita's husband may now take case to Europe

THE family of Savita Halappanavar will decide on whether to pursue a case to the European Courts by next month.

Gerard O'Donnell, solicitor for Praveen Halappanavar, met with the chairman of the HSE Clinical Review team, Prof Sabaratnam Arulkmaran, yesterday.

He requested a number of amendments be made to the HSE report into Savita's death during the meeting.

"We had a number of points we wished to make and amendments we would wish to see to the report. We were happy with the meeting," Mr O'Donnell told the Herald.

"We were told the chairman expects the recommendations in the report to be implemented and we all feel that, if they are implemented, what happened to Savita will not happen to anyone else," he said.

"I spoke to Praveen after the meeting and he's hopeful that the recommendations will be implemented and the amendments we have sought will be made," he added.

The review team are now expected to make one final draft report, which will be presented to Mr Halappanavar's legal team and other relevant parties within three weeks.

"Once this report is completed that will be two complete enquiries and we will decide where we go then," he added.

The HSE said it hoped to have the report finalised as soon as possible following yesterday's feedback. The solicitor also revealed that his client will have further discussions with legal representatives in the coming weeks about whether they will pursue a case to Europe.

"We will have a joint meeting at the end of May or beginning of June and will decide then where we go next," he added.