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Savage jail thug in latest brutal attack on prison officer


Leon Wright

Leon Wright

Leon Wright

A VOLATILE thug, who is considered Ireland's most vicious inmate, savagely assaulted a prison officer in an unprovoked attack in Mountjoy Prison.

Leon Wright (26) is now in a special punishment unit of Cork Prison after the assault which happened in the exercise yard of Mountjoy on Saturday evening.

The officer suffered injuries to his mouth and face in the brutal assault.


The out-of-control Dubliner, who is originally from St Teresa's Gardens in the capital's south inner city, now faces an extremely restricted regime after his latest violent attack in jail.

Wright has amassed well over 200 serious breaches of discipline since he first entered the Irish prison system in October 2005 and is considered the "angriest young man in Ireland" by staff who have to deal with him.

In January, the Herald revealed that Wright had been given his own punchbag in prison in an effort to reduce his violent aggression.

He has more than 200 'P19' disciplinary reports, including multiple assaults against staff and other inmates and other offences such as being caught with prohibited articles and setting fire to his own cell.


In May of this year, Wright was caged for six years for stabbing two men in random attacks in Dublin city centre in April 2013. He had been in jail on remand since being charged with these offences.

Dublin Circuit Court heard that he knifed a Mauritian national, then an Irish man walking with a female companion minutes later.

Wright, who appeared in court handcuffed and flanked by five prison staff in riot gear, told gardai he aimed for the second victim's organs.

He said he tried to kill the man, "but his bird got in the way".

Wright pleaded guilty to attempted robbery and assault of Harisikashra Rajaysur on Grafton Street on April 16, 2013. He admitted assaulting Killian Byrne and Karolina Dryzaite and robbing a purse on nearby Chatham Street on the same date.

He was on bail at the time after assaulting a garda and an ex-reserve garda on Abbey Street two months previously.

The notorious thug has 84 previous convictions, including robberies, 34 assaults and firearms offences.

Wright was just a teenager when he was jailed for 10 years in March 2007 for a litany of violent crimes, including robbery, hijacking, assault and threatening to kill gardai.