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THE savagery of Dublin's gang members is seen in these shocking images.

They show drug dealer Daniel Gaynor stamping on a young man's head and kicking him senseless. Gaynor's reason for the sickening attack was a row over their children. The disturbing video was captured just months before Gaynor himself would be gunned down in front of his young family. Hitman Keith Wilson (23) began a life sentence for the murder this week.

Gaynor was a feared gangland thug and the video shows him at his brutish worst. In the clip he unleashes a merciless attack on his helpless young victim.

During the sickening attack, Gaynor rains punch after punch into the young man’s head before he falls on the ground.

And then, in a disgusting display of thuggery, the suspected gangland assassin jumps on the young man’s head before kicking him several times in the head. In the video, Gaynor can be heard screaming in a high- pitched Dublin accent: “Don’t ever, ever kick my f***ing kid again” and when his victim pleads for the attack to end, Gaynor shouts: “You have not had enough, you haven’t had enough until I say you have enough” as he continues to kick him in the head.

Eventually Gaynor’s friends, who videotaped the sick attack on their mobile phones, call Gaynor away from the young man, who is left on the ground in agony. A source explained: “What’s on that videotape was typical Daniel Gaynor. He was a huge fella and he handed out plenty of hidings like that during his short life.”


Daniel Gaynor’s short brutish life came to a savage end just a couple of months after the sick video was made. He was ambushed in broad daylight by gangland figure Keith Wilson from Ballyfermot who shot him fatally in the neck while walking on St Helena’s Road, Finglas, with his girlfriend and two children on their way to an aunt’s house on August 14 last year.

The 25-year-old had built up a fearsome reputation in the capital’s gangland scene.

Gaynor was just seven when his own father, Robert McGrath, was shot dead. In that case, however, it was by gardai, who foiled an armed post office raid by McGrath's criminal gang in Co Meath in 1992.

By the time Gaynor was 21, he had served jail sentences for crimes such as firearms offences and witness intimidation as well as dealing in cocaine and diazepam. He had also built up a reputation as a hitman-for-hire and is suspected of being involved in a number of shootings on behalf of the IRA.

Gaynor, originally from Berryfield Drive, Finglas, was the chief suspect for shooting innocent postman Robert Delany at his home in Tallaght in October 2008. Mr Delany was shot in the face with a shotgun and remains in a permanent vegetative state in hospital.

Gaynor was also questioned about the murder of Maurice Martin (21) in Finglas in June 2009. Mr Martin was stabbed on the street after a party. And Gaynor was the chief suspect for murdering Colm ‘Collie’ Owens (34) who was shot dead at the Corn Store, an animal feed warehouse, on the Grove industrial estate at Dubber Lane, Finglas, in July, 2010.

But this killing proved a step too far for the gangster and sources believe that Gaynor was then shot dead on the orders of a friend of Mr Owens just six weeks later.