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Sam's in the pink to help pal Michael walk

THIS IS the young man who's turned pink to help free his schoolpal from a wheelchair.

Bray student Sam Carroll (12) got his hair dyed pink to fund a miracle operation to enable Michael Tiron (11) to walk for the first time.

"I just want to help Michael," said Sam, who asked his hairstylist mum Jacquie to give him a 'bright pink' head of hair.

Money raised by Sam's plucky deed will go to paying for a €60,000 surgical procedure at a hospital in the US to allow some children with cerebral palsy to abandon their wheelchairs to walk upright with a walking aid.


Sam made the change at Finnbee's cafe on Bray seafront where proprietor Paul Finnegan supplied free hot chocolate to all children who supported the fundraiser.

Bray boxer Katie Taylor popped in to back the fund-raising effort.

"I'm so proud of Sam. He stepped up to help his pal," said delighted mum Jacquie. Both boys are pupils of St Cronan's primary school in Bray which has helped organise a fundraising drive for Michael's operation at St Louis Children's Hospital in Missouri this August.

The HSE refused to fund the operation and Michael's family and friends must raise €60,000.

Michael, who lives in Greystones, Co Wicklow, declared on his school's website: "I have been using a wheelchair since I was three years old but I hope that with your help I hope to say 'Goodbye!' to that.

"I know it's a lot of money but with your help I know we can make my dream come true."

Michael's mother Natalija, who watched Sam go pink, told the Herald: "Sam really wanted to help. He's a good friend and a superstar for doing it. Sam and the boys at the school have been great."

Donations can be made to the Michael's Funds at Permanent TSB Bank, Bray, Account Number 20090058, sort code 990623; or post to Michael's Funds, c/o St Cronan's School, Bray. The website is www. michaelshopeforindependence.com.