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Same-sex couples make dash up the aisle following historic vote


Tiernan Brady of the Irish Gay and Lesbian Equality Network

Tiernan Brady of the Irish Gay and Lesbian Equality Network

Tiernan Brady of the Irish Gay and Lesbian Equality Network

Almost 140 couples have applied for same-sex civil partnerships since the Marriage Equality Referendum was passed in a landslide vote earlier this year.

In total, 138 couples from 17 counties across the country have made applications for same-sex civil partnerships.

Figures provided by the Department of Social Protection show that Dublin had by far the highest number of couples registering for civil partnerships since May 22, with 89.

The counties with the second highest number of couples who applied were Cork and Donegal, with seven each, followed by Wexford with six.

Nine counties - including Roscommon, Offaly and Mayo - have not had any applications from same-sex couples since the Marriage Equality Referendum passed.

Tiernan Brady, policy director with the Irish Gay and Lesbian Equality Network, explained that civil partnership applications will automatically be changed to civil marriage applications once the legislation is passed before the Dail.

"Couples who are currently in a civil partnership can continue with it, or they can apply for a civil marriage, but there will be no new same-sex civil partnership applications," Mr Brady said.


"I think people are still celebrating the referendum being passed, and it was great not just for myself, but for thousands of people," he added.

"The months leading up to the referendum were hectic, so nowadays even if there is a busy day it seems like a quiet day.

"People have been quietly planning same-sex marriages ahead of the legislation coming before the Dail, so we're almost all the way there," Mr Brady said.

A statutory civil partnership registration scheme for same-sex couples was introduced in 2011 under the Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010.

Since then there has been a total of 2,287 applications across 25 counties, with Dublin accounting for 1,340 of these alone. In the last four years, there has been 172 applicants for same-sex civil partnerships in Cork, followed by Limerick with 92.

Among the counties with the lowest number of applications are Roscommon and Monaghan with two each, followed closely by Leitrim with three.

The historic 34th Amendment of the Constitution (Marriage Equality) Bill 2015 was overwhelmingly passed by voters with almost two million turning out to the polls.

Overall 1,201,607, or 62.07pc voted Yes, while 734,300 or 37.93pc voted No.