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Sam finally has a rest after tackling busy schedule

THIS is one guy who gets around. From schools to GAA club changing rooms and the dance floor of infamous nightclub Copper Face Jacks, our Sam Maguire has seen it all – and lived to tell the tale.

More popular than possibly Bernard Brogan himself, the iconic All-Ireland football cup has had quite the year since he was brought back to the capital in September.

With at least three tours per day, including 380 schools, up to 100 charities and countless GAA clubs, poor Sam has hardly had a break since he was lifted aloft by Dublin captain Stephen Cluxton on All-Ireland final day.


"Immediately after the win the emails started coming through and it has been booked every day since," Dublin GAA Regional Development officer Eimear Dignam told the Herald.

After his tour of the county's schools and GAA clubs as well a few commercial events, Sam spent the Christmas break with his proud new owners ahead of his return to Croke Park in February.

"Jim Gavin asked for the players to be finished with all cup activity by December 1 so they can concentrate on the new season," explained Ms Dignam.

"The manager and some of the players were granted family time with the cup from Christmas Eve until Stephen's Day and then it was back to us.

"There are some club visits to be done and charity requests in the new year and then we will send it back to Croke Park to get ready for the new season."

As well as lighting up the eyes of children across Dublin, the cup has remained under the watchful eye of its faithful custodians – the boys in blue.

And Sam even had his own personal escort service.

"There has been no dents this year, the players were very good with the cup and looked after it very well," explained Ms Dignam.

"It went to a few different commercial events and nightclubs but it was never involved in any accidents and there was always someone on hand to collect it at a reasonable hour."