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Salmonella recall for sesame seeds

Health food stores were ordered today to strip their shelves of a brand of ready-to-eat sesame seeds from Bolivia because of salmonella fears.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland issued the product recall after tests on nuts and dried seeds revealed traces of the potentially lethal food poisoning.

Consumers were warned not to consume 250g and 500g packets of Independent Irish Health Foods Organic Sesame Seeds and Organic Four Seed Mix.

Professor Alan Reilly, FSAI chief executive, said officials were particularly concerned as it is the second time in a year that salmonella risks have been found in sesame seeds.

"Food businesses marketing these products need to ensure that both hygiene and processing are of a standard to eliminate salmonella from these ready-to-eat products," he said.

"Contaminated seeds pose a risk to health as are generally not cooked prior to people consuming them."

The FSAI said the seeds have been distributed widely around the country.