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Safety first as savers prefer trust to high interest rates in their bank

THOSE of us lucky enough to still be able to squirrel away a few euros choose our bank based on trust.

A new survey shows that savers are more interested in knowing that their money is safe than how much interest they will get.

This is despite the fact that the Dail has just voted to extend the bank guarantee scheme until the end of next year.

The most popular institutions among savers are Bank of Ireland, An Post and AIB.

The Central Bank guarantees deposits of up to €100,000.

However almost four out of 10 adults said trust was the reason they had chosen a particular bank or building society, rather than putting their money where the best interest rate is.

Perhaps that's not surprising, given that, according to the study by IrishDeposits.ie, a third of adults over the age of 25 have expressed little faith in the future of the euro.

They said the currency would not survive over the next five to 10 years, but few had any intention of converting their savings into another currency.

Half of those surveyed by Millward Brown Lansdowne have a deposit account where they keep their savings.

The survey also shows there is strong resistance among people to putting money into anything more exotic than deposit accounts in banks, building societies or credit unions.

Seven out of 10 would not consider putting any money into a tracker bond, a guaranteed investment bond, equity fund or property fund.