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SAD-sufferer shared €2k of cannabis with friends

AN English language teacher caught with cannabis was suffering from seasonal affective disorder at the time, a court heard.

Colm Sides (31) is originally from Sri Lanka and suffers from depression which is worse in winter.

He was sharing the drug, with a street value of more than €2,000, with his housemates.

Judge John Lindsay adjourned sentencing to July to allow Sides to make a charity donation.

The defendant, of Thornton Mews, Church Road, Ballybrack, admitted before Dun Laoghaire District Court to possession of cannabis as well as having the drug for sale or supply last January 31.

Gda Sgt Peadar McCann said gardai searched the defendant’s home and found cannabis in his bedroom, as well as a weighing scales and other drug paraphernalia.

Sgt McCann said the cannabis had a street value of €2,000. A small amount of cannabis resin, worth €50, was also found.


Sides admitted the drugs belonged to him and he was sharing them with his friends.

Defence lawyer Kim Moloney said Sides and his housemates bought the cannabis together and they planned to share it.

Ms Moloney said Sides was adopted from Sri Lanka when he was three months old.

He previously worked in a newsagents, but developed epilepsy when he was a teenager and he has struggled to find a job.

In recent years he has been quite anxious and has suffered from depression, and he also suffers from a seasonal condition which means he is depressed during winter.

Ms Moloney said Sides had stopped taking his medication at the time of the offences.

She said he hopes to travel to Sri Lanka to teach English, and a conviction would impact on him getting any work.

The court also heard that Sides is no longer smoking cannabis.