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Sacre bleu ... French fans get ready for Valentine's Day Irish massacre

The capital's streets were taken over by a sea of blue yesterday as thousands of French fans travelled cross channel for their team's Six Nations encounter with Ireland.

Over 35 flights brought more than 6,000 'Les Bleus' supporters to Dublin for today's Valentine's Day meeting with the champions.

The dull Irish weather did not dampen the mood of the travelling contingent who were out in force early on to let their presence be known on the city's streets.


The French were in good spirits as cries of "Vive la France" echoed around some of the city's most popular bars.

However,the battle cries were with little conviction with several of the travelling supporters having little faith in their squad to perform.

"Of course we cheer for France, but honestly we don't think we have a chance. We are too bad and Ireland are too strong," the Durand family from Grenoble explained.

The visitors also sang the praises of Irish international Jonny Sexton, who currently plies his trade with Racing Metro in the French Pro 12 division.

"I like Jonny - but this time I hope he has a bad kicking day against us,'' Jessica Grun from Bordeaux quipped.

Another group of men travelling from the south Parisian town of Tous also had little hope of leaving Dublin with a valuable win.

"No we don't have a chance, after the game last week, there was no passion. We need a miracle to get anything," the men complained.

However, they were looking forward to the weekend away.

"Although we don't think we will win the game, we are excited about spending the weekend in Dublin. The Irish are so welcoming," they said.

As well as creating an atmosphere the throngs of French supporters will also bring boost in revenue with a €20m windfall expected.