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Sabotage fears in train disaster

An express train crashed with a passenger train at a station in eastern India early today, mangling the carriages and killing 56 people and injuring 125.

Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee raised the possibility the crash could have been another case of sabotage, two months after Maoist rebels were blamed for a derailment that killed 145 people.

The crash happened about 2am when the Uttarbanga Express slammed into the Vananchal Express as it left the platform at Sainthia station, about 125 miles north of Calcutta.

More wives now breadwinners

Almost a third of women in the workplace are earning more than their partners putting them increasingly in the role of breadwinner, a study has revealed.

According to the poll commissioned by Grazia magazine, almost half of the 2,000 females questioned were either out-earning their partners (30pc) or earning as much (19pc) and one in 10 already had a house husband.

One possible explanation given by the poll was that the recession has hit male employment.

Hunt for 'Pink Panther' gang

Interpol is hunting a Montenegro-based gang they dub the Pink Panthers who are thought to have staged jewel heists across the world.

Raids are believed to have been executed in London, Paris and Tokyo by a group whose principal members are believed to be from Montenegro.

The legend started seven years ago when robber Milan Jovetic was caught with a diamond ring stashed in a jar of his girlfriend's face cream --the same hiding place used by the thief in the 1963 Inspector Closeau movie The Pink Panther