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S club heaven: The luxury motor favoured by the rich

IT IS the car favoured by African despots, Russian oligarchs alike - and Ireland's most coseted pensioner.

But the Mercedes S Class will no longer be the carriage of choice for former Taoisigh now that Biffo and Bertie have to hand back theirs.

In what now amounts to breath-taking arrogance, Bertie Ahern requested and was granted a free S Class after he left office.

Imagine going up to your boss -- those of you lucky enough to still have jobs -- and asking for a free €120k car as you hand in your notice.


As Ireland plunged into an economic black hole so devastating that our children will feel the effects of it, Bertie continued to glide around town in his glorious chariot.

Well now somebody has finally seen sense, and our gloriously pensioned retired prime ministers will now have to fork out some of their own cash for cars.

Both Ahern and Cowen will make up to €6m each from their massive pension pots, so it's unlikely either will be visiting their local credit union and filling out a 'Car Loan' form any time soon.