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Ryanair will appeal €8m fine

Ryanair has said it will challenge an €8.3m fine imposed on it by a French court by taking its case to the country's Supreme Court.

Ryanair lost its initial appeal against the penalty - imposed last year - after the airline had been found to have broken French labour rules.

The decision centred on staffing at the airline's base in Marignane, near the French cities of Marseille and Aix-en-Provence.

The case was taken by French authorities, who challenged the company's ability to hire staff locally in France using Irish employment.

Ryanair will appeal any attempt by the French authorities to seek double payment of social insurance payments which have already been fully paid in Ireland in respect of work which takes place entirely on Irish aircraft and therefore on Irish territory, it said.

The airline said the court's decision is contrary to European law on mobile transport workers.