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Ryanair sack pilot after TV broadcast


John Goss. Photo: Ronan Quinlan/Collins

John Goss. Photo: Ronan Quinlan/Collins

John Goss. Photo: Ronan Quinlan/Collins

RYANAIR has sacked one of its longest serving pilots over an interview he gave to a Channel 4 documentary.

John Goss has been told that his employment has been terminated with immediate affect due to "gross misconduct".

Legal action has been initiated against Captain Goss on foot of claims he made about the airline's safety and fuel policy. The pilot has worked with Ryanair for 26 years and was due to retire in October.

It is understood he has engaged legal advice and is considering his legal position.

This is not the first time that Captain Goss has clashed with his employers.

In 2005, he took a High Court case against Ryanair after it tried to bring disciplinary proceedings against him. At the time he claimed he was targeted because of his involvement with the trade union movement.



The airline denied these allegations and the case was settled.

He is a member of the interim council of the Ryanair Pilot Group (RPG), which has been pressing the airline to engage with it over a number of issues, including safety.

But Ryanair has refused to engage with the RPG and insists its own safety record is unblemished and that it adheres to all aviation safety protocols.

The Irish Aviation Authority has backed the airline, saying it has no concerns regarding safety or fuel use procedures.

A memo was circulated yesterday to all Ryanair pilots by its director of flight and ground operations, David O'Brien.

"I write to advise you that Captain John Goss was today dismissed with immediate effect from Ryanair," the memo said. It added that safety remains Ryanair's "No 1 priority".

The memo added that management wrote to Mr Goss three weeks ago. Ryanair said it was "shocked and astonished" that he then contributed to the documentary. Ryanair is to sue Channel 4 and Dispatches for defamation. Channel 4 has said it stands by its journalism and will "robustly defend proceedings if they are initiated".