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Ryanair Romeo Jamie meets date's mum

THEY met on a plane, lost each other and were reunited through social media.

Ryanair Romeo Jamie Kelly (24) has even met his Canadian crush's mum, just before they headed out on their first date.

And he said the pair have no idea where chemistry will take them now.

The Galway man launched a global campaign to track down student Katie Moreau (27) who he met on a flight from Barcelona to Dublin.

Their story attracted worldwide attention, but on Wednesday the pair finally got a chance to have a proper date.

VIP treatment awaited them when they arrived in Waterford, where they were chauffeured and learned to surf.


Jamie admitted he spent a long time getting "suited and booted".

But Katie wasn't the only woman Jamie was out to impress - her mum, Kathy, was at the hotel to see them off on their dinner date.

"She gave me a big hug and said she approved," Jamie told the Herald.

The huge effort to find Katie after they became separated in passport control in Dublin airport was out of character for the Ballinasloe native.

"I'm not really romantic, but when I click with someone - which doesn't happen very often - I try to follow it up," he told Today FM's Ray D'Arcy.

Katie and Jamie said they got on well on their date. A goodnight kiss in the hotel ended their first proper date, and Katie is set to leave Ireland today.

Jamie said they planned to keep in touch online, but there are no Canadian holidays planned.