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Ryanair not bending rules for Euro VIPs

Ryanair won't be making any special allowances to European delegates travelling to Dublin during our term of EU presidency.

Government officials travelling to Ireland during the EU presidency will have to squeeze their luggage into a 10kg restriction or pay the price, the airline has warned.

The Government has signed up with the airline to provide the transport for all officials.

EU politicians and diplomats who need to fly between Dublin and Brussels during Ireland's six-month period will be subjected to the same strict baggage rules as ordinary customers.

"Each passenger can benefit from Ryanair's very generous 10kg carry-on bag, and purchase either a 15 or 20kg check-in bag if they need one," a spokesman said.

However, unlike regular passengers, EU officials will be entitled to free flight changes and access to a 'presidency' helpline manned 15 hours a day. In addition, there will be dedicated assistance desks at both Dublin and Brussels Charleroi airports.


"Ryanair recently met with Ireland's national procurement office to manage the Govt's travel during the presidency and they have accepted Ryanair's offer, which will deliver the first "low-fare" EU presidency, if Ryanair's low fares on these flights are used by these officials," a representative confirmed.

The airline has calculated that if just 5,000 trips are taken by Irish and EU officials over this six-month period, the Government will save over €1.5m during the presidency --and said this could be even greater if more civil servants, officials and ministers flew Ryanair.

"It is vital that governments stop wasting money and the Irish Government has taken the first step in addressing this waste," said Ryanair's Stephen McNamara.