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Ryanair going after business customers


Michael O'Leary. Photo: Collins

Michael O'Leary. Photo: Collins

Michael O'Leary. Photo: Collins

Ryanair will go head-to-head with Aer Lingus for business between Dublin and Brussels' biggest airport, as it intensifies efforts to attract business-type passengers.

Ryanair chief executive Michael O'Leary said the airline is targeting a 60pc share of all passenger traffic between Dublin and Brussels' two airports.

From October 26, Ryanair will fly three times a day between Dublin and Brussels Zaventem, Belgium's biggest airport. It handles about 19 million passengers a year, a similar amount to Dublin.


Aer Lingus is the only operator currently flying to Zaventem from Dublin. Ryanair already operates to Brussels Charleroi, and will continue to serve the airport with one flight a day from Dublin.

"We're staying in Charleroi," said Ryanair chief marketing officer Kenny Jacobs. "Zaventem and Charleroi do work as a pair."

Mr O'Leary said passengers will be able to inerchange their flights to Zaventem and 

"If you've booked on one of our Zaventem flights but want to come back on the Charleroi flight, no problem," he said.

Charleroi is more than 
40km from central Brussels, while Zaventem is just 11km away.

Mr O'Leary said that Aer Lingus currently has a 60pc share of all combined traffic between Dublin and the two Brussels airports, with Ryanair holding 40pc.

"We'd expect that to invert," said the chief executive. At Zaventem alone, Mr O'Leary said Ryanair also expects to capture 60pc of both business and leisure traffic from Dublin.

He said the airline's target is to take 70pc of all business traffic between Dublin and Brussels Zaventem.