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Ryanair blames tax for Dublin-Cork axe

AIR passengers can no longer fly between Dublin and Cork after Ryanair scrapped the route.

The airline is blaming the decision on the charges imposed by the Dublin Airport Authority.

Yesterday's move -- which signals the end of the only domestic flight left at Cork Airport -- will come as a major blow to regular users of the service.

Ryanair added that the improved motorway between Cork and Dublin contributed to its decision.

Airport officials in Dublin and Cork were last night unaware of the move -- which is set to come into effect in 10 weeks. A spokesperson for Cork Airport said staff were disappointed by the decision but admitted that management had received no formal communication from Ryanair.

"Cork Airport is aware that the Cork-Dublin route is a strategic link for the greater Cork region and will continue its endeavours to deliver a more appropriate, long-term sustainable solution to air connectivity between the two cities," the spokesperson added.

Ryanair has pledged to refund all passengers who have booked flights on the service after October 30.