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Ryan blasted to death as killers 'riddle' car in daylight attack


Vinny Ryan

Vinny Ryan

The bullet-riddled car in which Vinny Ryan was sitting when his attackers struck

The bullet-riddled car in which Vinny Ryan was sitting when his attackers struck


Vinny Ryan

Gardai are drawing up plans to monitor criminals attached to the notorious 'Mr Big' drugs gang after the brutal assassination of well-known dissident Republican Vinny Ryan.

Ryan (25), the younger brother of slain RIRA leader Alan Ryan, died shortly after 9pm last night following a gun attack in Finglas yesterday afternoon.

Ryan was shot once in the head, once in the neck and a number of times in the body as he sat alone in a car outside a house on McKee Road in Finglas, north Dublin.


He was rushed to the Mater Hospital with horrific head and chest injuries shortly after the shooting which occurred at approximately 3pm.

Medics battled to save his life and he was put on life support - but his injuries were too grave for him to survive.

Ryan had earlier dropped his partner and infant child at the property. They were not in his white VW Golf when it was targeted by a two-man hit team who "riddled" Ryan with bullets before speeding from the scene in a silver or grey VW Golf.

The getaway car was later found burnt out in Co Kildare.

Sources said a semi-automatic Glock was used in the shooting.

It is believed Ryan's attackers may have been monitoring his movements for a number of weeks and the shooting was well planned.

It has also emerged that the 'Mr Big' drugs gang are the chief suspects for the attack. The same gang are believed to have been behind the murder of Ryan's older brother, Alan (32), and last night gardai were already monitoring known associates.

On McKee Road, witnesses described hearing what sounded like "machine-gun fire", with six or seven shots being discharged before a car sped away from the scene.

One resident told the Herald that the noise was similar to that of an automatic weapon.

"I heard a machine-gun about an hour ago. I never heard the like of it before. I didn't hear anything else but some people said they heard a car screeching away," he said.

The witness, who lives in the area, said he did not know the victim or his partner.

"I'm shocked that it happened here. I've heard of such things in south Finglas but never here in my years," he said.

Another neighbour, who asked not to be named, said her young son came upon the scene on his way home from school.

"This guy was around here regularly in his car, so all the kids knew him," she said.

"He was sitting in the car eating a roll. He was riddled, there were that many bullets on the street. The guards were on the scene straight away. They were here within a matter of seconds."

Members of the elite Armed Response Unit patrolled the Finglas area in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, while gardai and detectives cordoned off a large part of the road where it happened.


Forensic officers were continuing to examine the car that Ryan was sitting in, and the vehicle remained at the scene overnight. The passenger window was shattered, but it is thought that Ryan was sitting in the driver's seat when the shooting happened.

The incident occurred near a secondary school where classes had just finished for the day, and shocked students came across the aftermath of the gangland hit along McKee Road.

Detectives in unmarked cars were patrolling the area around the victim's north Dublin home last night.

The suspected getaway car was found burnt out in the Victoria Bridge area on the Naas-to-Rathangan Road and has been preserved for a technical examination.

While associates of 'Mr Big' are the main suspects in yesterday's shooting, another criminal gang that was led by murdered Michael 'Micca' Kelly are also in the frame.

Kelly, nicknamed 'The Panda', was gunned down on September 15, 2011, in Clongriffin as he visited his girlfriend.

His killers reversed their getaway car over his body as they fled the scene.