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Ryan bears his nerves with top Toy Show role


Ryan Tubridy performs as Baloo the Bear

Ryan Tubridy performs as Baloo the Bear

Ryan Tubridy performs as Baloo the Bear

It was "Jungle All The Way" as the Late Late Toy Show hit TV screens.

This year's theme was based on Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book and featured giant roaming elephants, hundreds and thousands of toys, jazz hands and a surprise cameo from starchitect Dermot Bannon.

The show opened with a bang as Ryan Tubridy burst on to the stage dressed as Baloo the Bear singing The Bare Necessities.

Performers dressed as giraffes, zebras and tigers pranced about the stage - proving that weeks of talent searching around the country was worth it.

Noah Oglesby (9), from Carlow, took on the role of Mowgli and back-flipped and somersaulted around the jungle-themed set, which had been built with the help of students from IADT.

RTE host Ryan wore a variety of colourful knitted jumpers and also debuted a fetching festive shirt.

Among the children who got to play the part of "toy testers" were Sarah and Lexie from Ballyfermot, who were unimpressed with the toys they were given - Hatchimals. "It's not worth the money," they said.

Aspiring architect Anna McGrath, from Killaraght, Boyle in Co Sligo, was delighted when she got to meet Room to Improve host Dermot Bannon.

Ahead of the yearly show, which has drawn up to 1.5m viewers, the experienced presenter admits he still gets nervous beforehand. "I pretend it's not happening and I'm just in this crazy room with kids doing daft things," he said.


"I don't pay too much attention, I feel sorry for the people I work with. They tell me not to do this and that so I take note and then do exactly the opposite."

Meanwhile, it was double the helping of toy show for viewers last night.

On TV3, Dustin the Turkey and Lucy Kennedy entertained viewers with the new-look Toy Show Teaser. The hour-long show proved to be the perfect warm-up.