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Russian woman ‘in love with Graham Dwyer’ banned from visiting depraved murderer in jail


Victoria Andreenkova

Victoria Andreenkova

Graham Dwyer

Graham Dwyer


A Russian woman who says she is in love with Graham Dwyer has reportedly been banned from visiting the psycho killer in prison.

Victoria Andreenkova (37), who lives in Dublin, previously made claims to gardai just before Dwyer's trial that a garda officer had killed childcare worker Elaine O'Hara.

Andreenkova says she began a relationship with Dwyer after she started visiting him in the Midlands Prison following his conviction.

The pair first grew close after Andreenkova, who is a mother, contacted Dwyer to tell him she believed he was innocent.

Andreenkova has now allegedly been banned by prison authorities over issues with her choice of clothing during a recent visit to Dwyer.

The Russian-born woman told The Star that Dwyer was her "soulmate". "He touched my heart," she said.

Andreenkova claimed a rural-based garda was responsible for Ms O'Hara's murder, but refused to comment on the status of her relationship with the depraved killer.


Graham Dwyer

Graham Dwyer

Graham Dwyer

Graham Dwyer

"I'll have to ask Graham first, if he thinks it's okay or not. I don't know what to say," she said.

Andreenkova previously made headlines after other allegations against a second garda.

An investigation was launched by the Garda Ombudsman Commission (GSOC) in October 2013 after she claimed she came under pressure to take abortion pills bought online by a senior garda officer.

She told GSOC she became pregnant after a brief tryst with the officer in a car in north Dublin.

It was claimed that the married garda bought illegal abortion pills on the internet and asked that she take them.

She said she pretended to take the first of five abortion pills when she met the officer in Dublin city centre after she told him of her pregnancy.

She also claimed she kept the pill in her mouth while pretending to swallow it.

Andreenkova alleged in her statement that she felt intimidated by the garda and that he threatened her with deportation when she refused to have an abortion.

Despite an extensive GSOC investigation, the garda watchdog has failed to either bring charges against the officer in question or to clear his name.

Andreenkova last year rang Taoiseach Enda Kenny to report her "breast pump" had been stolen by Fine Gael.


During the call, Mr Kenny was left speechless after he was told a Fine Gael party member stole the pump.

"I am very, very angry at your government because a Fine Gael member stole it," she said.

Architect Dwyer (42) was found guilty in March of murdering childcare worker Elaine O'Hara on August 22, 2012.

He lured Elaine to a remote Location in the Dublin mountains before stabbing her to death.

Dwyer maintained his innocence through-out the lengthy trial and has since lodged an appeal against his conviction.