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Rural locations a soft target gangs

BurglarY gangs located in the greater Dublin area are targeting large rural areas policed by under-resourced gardai and are assisted by a fast modern motorway network from the capital.

The extensive road infrastructure in the country has been of major assistance to the dozen or more organised burglary and theft gangs operating across the country.

The five males who were involved in the car chase which led to the tragic death of an innocent 43-year-old woman on Thursday night have all come on the garda radar before with at least two of them being suspects for similar crimes nationwide.


Three of the gang were out on bail for robbery and burglary offences.

However what was unusual in Thursday's crime spree was that a clapped-out VW Polo was used by the gang rather than a high-powered car.

Over the last number of years, gardai have set up a number of operations to target the traveller gangs who have used the motorway network to embark on multiple crimes before driving back to their Dublin bases.

It is estimated that there are well over 250 of these criminals involved in the gangs which are mostly family based. At least two of the gangs are based in Dublin with others based in Limerick, Galway, Wexford, Waterford.

Gardai are under resourced and their personnel are stretched to cover large regions in ill equipped vehicles which should be consigned to scrap yards.