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Runway out of action as flight drops tyre debris

DUBLIN Airport's main runway had to be shut for nearly an hour on Saturday because of debris from a disintegrating tyre on a Ryanair plane.

Runway 10 was closed on Saturday afternoon after a Ryanair flight departed at 3.02pm.

During take-off the crew detected an anomaly with the aircraft's nose wheel, reports said today.

The crew of the next departing aircraft, a Monarch jet, spotted the shredded tyre parts and immediately alerted air traffic controllers.

The runaway was closed immediately and an incoming Czech Airlines flight -- which was on its final approach just 10kms away -- was placed in a holding pattern over north Co Dublin while airport ground crews were sent to remove the debris.


When they arrived they found there was more debris along the runway and a clean-up operation was mounted.

While the clean-up went on, all arriving and departing aircraft were moved to the shorter Runway 16. Some flights experienced short delays.

The runway opened again shortly after 4pm.

Air traffic controllers notified the Ryanair pilot that a large piece of tyre, possibly from his aircraft, had been discovered on the runway following his departure.

After discussing the matter with their operations centre, the Ryanair crew later advised controllers they would divert to the Ryanair base at London Stansted to have the problem dealt with.

Emergency services were placed on alert at Stansted where the aircraft landed safely at 4.20pm.