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Rules relaxed for festive traders on Henry Street

FESTIVE season traders on Henry Street and Mary Street will be selling shoes and handbags, as well as wrapping paper, next Christmas.

Up to now, the traders were restricted by bye-laws to stocking items like balloons, cards and wrapping paper. But handbags, clothing and shoes will now be on sale in December following a review of the Dublin City Council permit.

The period for trading will also be extended by a week so that it goes from December 1 to 31.

Under the rules set out in the Casual Trading Bye-Laws, the sellers had to pack up their stalls on Christmas Eve. Sinn Fein councillor Seamus McGrattan, who is part of the council's arts and leisure committee, said the reason for the extension is to allow excess stock to be sold.

"The traders have stock left until Christmas so it (the sales period) goes on from a trading point of view," he told the Herald.


He said the non-inclusion of items like handbags and shoes in the original bye-laws was an oversight.

"The changes will be rubberstamped and added to the bye-laws," Cllr McGrattan added.

He said the review process was established to identify shortcomings in the original regulations and to suggest amendments if necessary.

The items for sale under the present rules include decorations, holly, handcrafts, jewellery and mistletoe.

As part of the amendments, the council has stipulated any clothes, bags or footwear on sale must not comprise of goods which infringe copyright laws.

Some 33 submissions were made on the plans when they were put out to public consultation late last year, with 27 of the comments endorsing the proposals.

Only one submission objected to the laws in their entirety, according to a report from the city council, while five submissions opposed the additional items for sale.