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Rugby star Robbie's business profits soar above €290,000


Rugby star Robbie Henshaw. Photo: Sportsfile

Rugby star Robbie Henshaw. Photo: Sportsfile

Rugby star Robbie Henshaw. Photo: Sportsfile

A promotions company owned by Irish rugby star Robbie Henshaw recorded a 10-fold increase in profits to €293,312 last year, finishing the period with a cash pile of €437,344.

The Leinster centre, who was forced to pull out of Ireland's victory against Argentina on Saturday just before kick-off, established Robton Limited in October 2014 with his father, Tony (66).

Both men are directors, but Robbie is the sole shareholder in the firm.

Accounts just filed to the Companies Office show Robton made a profit of €293,312 during the 12 months to the end of 2017, representing a massive increase from the €29,483 earned during the previous year.

The firm had accumulated profits of €364,523 at the end of last year, having boosted its cash balance by €361,540 to €437,344.

It had tangible assets worth €14,255 and investments valued at €15,000.


Henshaw (25) began his senior rugby career with Connacht in 2012, playing 77 games before moving to Leinster in 2016.

He has 37 caps for Ireland.

His father is also his manager and played for Connacht, as did his uncle, David (57). The family are from Coosan, Co Westmeath.

Robbie previously said of his father: "The way dad reared our family has been great, as he has shown me the right path, worked really hard for our family and been a true leader."

Robton, which is involved in advertising and promotions, reported a profit of €41,728 in its first set of financial accounts at the end of 2015. The firm's annual profit fell to €29,483 in 2016 before soaring last year.

The company owed €126,674 to creditors, €25,562 of which related to taxation. It also owed €5,324 to Tony in the form of an interest-free director's loan.

A total of €24,600 remained payable by debtors.