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Rubbish fees blamed for fly-tipping crisis

THIS IS the filthy knock-on effect of reintroduced rubbish charges, it's been claimed.

Green spaces and laneways in south Dublin have been hit by increased fly-tipping since a waiver system for waste charges was stopped in January.

Cllr Vincent Jackson says residents are now throwing their household waste in laneways, near railway stations, and on footpaths around the city.

Households who have been entitled to waivers on their bin charges since 2001 now have to pay €6 for the large grey bin, €3.60 for the smaller grey bin and €2 for the "brown" organic waste bin each time they are collected.

Mr Jackson pinpointed Ballyfermot as one of the new problem areas in Dublin, where householders who do not want to pay for rubbish collections are 'flytipping' their rubbish overnight at weekends.

He told the Herald: "In the last few weeks, the bills are going out to people who used to get a waiver and now they have to pay every second week if they put their grey bin out each time."

"In Ballyfermot 'flytipping is happening all the time. We're going to have to put up CCTV to catch the people who are responsible. We've been warning people that it's illegal to dump, but some people out there just think once it's out of sight it's out of mind, and they think it's acceptable."

Mr Jackson says the new Cherryorchard railway station is a particular target for people, while Le Fanu Road and a laneway running parallel to Ballyfermot Road are increasing as dumping hotspots.


Dublin City Council insists that it has seen no increase in fly-tipping, and a spokesperson said the introduction of waste charges is not to blame for the dumping.

"Illegal dumping was been an issue long before the advent of domestic waste charges. There has not been a significant increase since domestic waste charges were introduced, it said."

The council secured 70 convictions in relation to illegal waste dumping last year, and it intends to secure a similar number this year also.

The spokesperson added: " Illegal dumping is an on-going challenge and one the Council is committed to tackling."