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RTE's new HQ gets boost after history dig is clear

AN ARCHAEOLOGICAL dig at RTE has uncovered nothing that would hinder a planned revamp of the Dublin 4 campus.

In a boost to the station's plans, a site excavation found nothing of archaeological interest, a report has stated.

Any significant finding would have delayed building work at the site. Nevertheless, further tests will have to be carried out before the all-clear is given.

And in another submission, the National Roads Authority (NRA) said "parking levies" and a reduction in the number of parking spaces should be considered in order to reduce demand for parking at the campus.

It also called on the local authority to reject the proposals until a planned new access to Montrose from the N11 is deleted from the designs.

As part of the station's Project 2025, RTE is looking to build an entirely new radio and television centre on the 31-acre Montrose site.

The new, more concentrated complex will, if approved, be built in five phases at the northern end of the site.

Rising to an overall height of almost 26 metres, the complex will taper down to 10.4 metres facing the long rear gardens of houses along Nutley Road. It will be screened by mature trees.