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RTE's Louise winning battle with her weight

RTE broadcaster Louise McSharry has opened up about her ongoing weight battle.

The radio presenter, who's filling in for Ryan Tubridy this week while he's on BBC Radio, has revealed how much of a struggle it has been for her over the years.

"I'm someone who has never been thin, my whole life," she said.

"People always say, 'If I could go back to my dream weight, I'd go back to when I was 22.'

"Well I'd have to go back to when I was an infant because I was always overweight, always.

"I've lost weight before and I've gained weight and I've lost it and gained it, I have never been a size 14, I've always been a size 16 or over. At my biggest size, I was probably a 22."

She said that about 12 weeks ago, she decided to start making changes and enlisted the services of a personal trainer.

But despite having a wedding to organise with fiancé Gordon, she told 2fm listeners that it wasn't so much about changing her physical appearance - it was more to do with increasing her enjoyment of life.

"My boyfriend likes to cycle and I would never even think of going out and cycling with him because I wouldn't be able to I'd be so sweaty, I'd just fail," she continued.


She added: "I also started to think about my future and I want to be able to run around with my kids and not be out of breath and not be sitting on the sidelines, watching my future husband playing with my kids thinking 'I can't do that' because I'm too unfit."

Spurred into action, she has now been seeing her personal trainer three times a week and has managed to drop a few stone in weight.

Saying she now feels "great", she urged anyone in a similar situation to try to follow suit.