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RTE wrong to panic over Tubridy slump, says Joe

Joe Duffy has accused RTE of panicking over the slump in listeners to colleague Ryan Tubridy's morning show.

The Liveline presenter believes changes to the Tubridy show will only result in losing even more listeners. "I've said this inside to managers as late as yesterday," he adds.

Tubridy has suffered an 87,000 drop in listeners to his 2fm show in the past year. But Duffy says RTE should "stick with stuff they're comfortable with".

"They made a mistake in getting rid of the review of the papers. Gerry (Ryan) started the show with the papers and originally Ryan started with the papers.

"They have now dropped that. I think that's a bad idea. They have to have the confidence to stick with whatever they decide to do," he said.


Tubridy's show has undergone a subtle revamp in recent weeks, with his former Radio One producer Paul Russell joining him in a bid to halt the slide.

But in an interview with Hotpress, Duffy questioned the scheduling of Tubridy's morning programme -- from 9am to an 11am on 2fm.

"I would have put Tubs on between eight and 10, I would have tried to relax him a lot more into that. I think there is a bit of panic there. I wouldn't panic. I think they should go back to the stuff they're comfortable with," the 55-year-old added.

Of his own salary, Duffy said he considered himself and his Liveline programme "good value".

Asked if his salary of €389,314 in 2009 was justified, he responded "I know there is no winning that argument, compared to firemen or a nurse we are all overpaid in that sense, but... you have got to go in and try and argue your value."