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RTE tells Tubridy that Murphy won’t be allowed on show

RTE chiefs have told Ryan Tubridy he cannot have Larry Murphy on the Late Late Show.

Montrose bosses said it has no intention of allowing the freed rapist appear on the show.

It comes in the wake of criticism from Fine Gael and the Rape Crisis Centre after Tubridy said "of course" he would interview Murphy (45) if he had the chance.

The RTE star had sparked speculation the rapist would be invited on when he revealed he would not turn down the opportunity to interview him.

"The Late Late Show has been known for its controversy and I don't know who might turn up," Tubridy had said.

But RTE today insisted: "There is no intention of Larry Murphy ever appearing on the Late Late Show.

“He has never been approached by RTE and he will not be asked to be on The Late Late Show,” the RTE spokesperson added.

Tubridy’s comments that he would interview Murphy if he could sparked an angry reaction.

Fine Gael's spokesman on children, Charlie Flanagan, said it would be a disgrace if RTE allowed Murphy on air.

The possibility of an appearance by the rapist was also criticised by the Rape Crisis Centre.


It said it would be inappropriate to interview Murphy on The Late Late Show, and said the show should be mindful of crime victims in society.

Mr Flanagan had insisted that Larry Murphy should not be given the chance to “address the nation” in any interview with Ryan Tubridy.

“It would be very much against the public interest to have a criminal like Larry Murphy given the status of going on a nationwide chat show.

“Murphy should engage with the treatment services and probation and welfare services instead of engaging with Ryan Tubridy,” Mr Flanagan said.

“There is something insidious in affording criminals, ex-cons, or high risk individuals the chance to speak to the nation,” he added. Rape Crisis Centre CEO Ellen O'Malley-Dunlop said that victims of sexual assault need to be considered first and foremost.

“This particular case is much too sensitive at the moment,” she said.

“I suppose The Late Late Show has always been a show that has helped inform society. A serial paedophile was interviewed on the show before. But I think those kinds of interviews must be considered very carefully,” she told the Herald.

On his morning 2FM show yesterday, 37-year-old Tubridy told listeners: “I think it is probably safe to say that he [Murphy] won't be a guest on the Late Late Show and I would be shocked if he was.”


Murphy has gone into hiding since his release from Arbour Hill prison earlier in the month after serving a 10-year jail term for the repeated rape of a Carlow businesswoman.

An appearance by Murphy on The Late Late would have meant at least 500,000 people watching the rapist on a Friday night.