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RTE star Des Cahill 'surprised' at Hall of Fame accolade


Des Cahill

Des Cahill

Des Cahill

RTe reporter Des Cahill has said he's "very surprised" to be inducted into the PPI Radio Awards Hall of Fame.

The Radio 1 stalwart is the third sports journalist - after Jimmy McGee and Michael O Muircheartaigh - to receive the accolade.

"To get this is really lovely, the two before me are Jimmy and Michael, so for me it's very flattering and nice to be put in with them," he told the Herald.

"If I'm still going strong at their age, I'd be happy."

The 62-year-old - who has worked at the national broadcaster for 30 years - said he felt "very lucky" to have travelled the world with his job.

"I've been to seven Olympics, Euro 88, Italia 90, the Tour de France when Stephen Roche won it and the Ryder Cup - so I'm lucky I get to travel the world and see all Ireland's success," he said.


"Pat Kenny once said, 'If Carlsberg did jobs it'd be Des' one' - and it's been great craic. I remember reporting from Italia 90 and RTE were getting concerned that most of my reports were about where the sing songs were but the listeners loved that," he added.

Other radio stars to receive the award this year include Communicorp's Pat Balfe, the late Gerry Anderson from BBC Radio Ulster and the late Henry Condon from the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland.